Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three-Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

     It's a beautiful morning. Gorgeous, even, and sunny.
     But also hot enough to make you dizzy and humid enough to make your hair look like someone attacked it with a woodchuck.
    I miss writing out on the back porch so much. It might just be a little concrete slab on the back of an apartment where all of the neighbors can see me, but at least it's outside. D= I want my outdoor weather back.

     Anyway. *cough* Enough whining. This is a challenge, not a rant-post.

     Without further ado, my quote of the day.
(Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, second book in The Lunar Chronicles Series, as said by Wolf, my favorite character in said book.)

     This quote is from a modern book, yes, but that doesn't make it any less valuable, or even profound, than a quote from a classic. (I plan to lay out the modern classics in this series of posts. And probably in some straggling quotes after, because I adore quotes and I love to share them.)
     If you haven't read The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, you need to. They're the perfect blend of adventure, action, romance, and futuristic sci-fi. And not dystopian futuristic, so even better, right? Am I right? It's so original, and the author writes amazing books, so check them out.

     The people I shall nominate this day are:
  1. Madison from Running Hard For the Other Side! From writing advice to updates on her own life that make me see that I'm not alone in my feelings and habits in writing, her blog is awesome. She's an amazing writer.
  2. The crew from Just What I Think! Their posts are packed with fun stories, pictures from life adventures, and the occasional pondering of something deeper, such as morals and spirituality. All around a good, solid blog to follow.
  3. Elizabeth from Confessions of a Teenage Writer! She's a lot like most of my dear blogger friends--a teenage writer, and a completely fabulous human being in general. All of her posts reflect that.
     To the spectacular nominees: If your blogs were people, I would totally be friends with them. :P
     To the spectacular readers: Go follow their blogs.

     Anyways, I think that's it for today! But when this series of posts is over, and all of the hullabaloo about quotes is passed, expect a post about character deaths and the whys and why nots, and also the ins and outs of how they propel or negatively affect your story.


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